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林颖茜 Chiara Lim

  • 来自马来西亚雪兰莪州巴生

  • 荣获马来西亚十大杰出青年奖

  • 毕业于国立台湾师范大学音乐系

  • 活跃于国内外的音乐教育领域并多次受邀担任全国创作及歌唱比赛评审、为各大型活动与单位编写主题曲。

  • 曾创作无数类型的歌曲,包括:《小太阳乐园》、《以您为荣》、《飞向卿云纠缦的天空》、《父母恩情》、《奋起飞扬》、《积极的人生》、《信仰与传承》、《守护》、《云相连》等。

  • 携手马来西亚著名音乐人彭学斌及林丽芬,合共制作了15张专辑,包括《Smile and Shine》、《诗人的琴弦》和最新发行的《翻转吧!蒲公英》有声书等。

  • 曾受马来西亚董教总全国华文独中工委会委任音乐科学科委员。

  • 曾在巴生兴华独中执教18年,教授音乐课

  • 目前担任马来西亚佛光山海内外音乐总指导、丛林学院及东禅歌咏队音乐导师、绿洲幼儿园音乐顾问、光华音乐种子班导师及雪隆一带歌咏队导师、历届大马好音乐会统筹、《人间音缘》推广委员兼评审等。


Chiara Lim

Chiara Lim, from Klang, Selangor, is the founder of the Dandelion Choir. After graduating from National Taiwan Normal University with a music major, she returned home, and has since been actively involved in cultural and musical activities all around Malaysia and abroad. Recognized for her merits in music and education, she has been invited to judge in music composition and singing competitions; and commissioned to compose music for various organizations, which include familiar songs such as 《小太阳乐园》,《奋起飞扬》,《积极的人生》,《以您为荣》,《飞向卿云纠缦的天空》,《信仰与传承》,《父母恩情》, etc.

She is currently the Director of Music for BLIA YAD Malaysia, Tsungling University, Dong Zen Choir, Kwang Hua Choir, Choirs around the Klang Valley, and also the Music Consultant for Kidoasis Kindergarten. The Dandelion Choir released its first album in 2003, entitled “Redang”, which led to musical collaborations with respected composer and producer – Percy Phang and Laifun Lum. The Dandelion Choir has released 15 albums up to date, including《当我们同在一起系列1-4》,《祈愿曲1-3》,《蒲公英》同名专辑,《快乐在哪里》,《音乐时光机》,《穆希克奇幻之旅》原声带(OST),《Smile and Shine》,《诗人的琴弦》and the latest album《翻转吧!蒲公英》.


林颖芷 Anjyl Lim

  • 来自马来西亚雪兰莪州巴生

  • 蒲公英合唱团主唱兼舞台演绎的指导老师

  • 毕业于台湾师范大学英语系

  • 在1998及1999年出任师范大学《世界剧展》之艺术总监及导演,同时身兼演员一职

  • 2005年在“人间音缘佛曲发表会世界总决审”中主唱《心灵曙光》获颁“评审特别大奖”

  • 2012年参与“大马好”弘法大会演出,与姐姐颖茜携手带领万人高唱《信仰与传承》

  • 曾受邀参与大型音乐剧《玄奘西游》、《天心月圆》等的演出。

  • 2016年7月被确诊罹患末期肺腺癌,原本被医生判定无法活过同年的她,一直在与癌症抗争,在不放弃治疗的情况下,至今依旧活跃于舞台上,用创作和歌声,去关怀其他癌症病患,为社会散发正能量

  • 至2019年,已经连续担任四届的大马好音乐会节目指导

  • 同年,颖芷化身为笔者,将自己与癌共存的经历写成一本书,名为《翻转吧!蒲公英》,结合姐姐的创作曲,集结成了一本有声书

Anjyl Lim

Anjyl Lim, from Klang, Malaysia, is the lead vocalist and instructor of Dandelion Choir, mainly in charge of performance skills. She was diagnosed with 4th-stage lung adenocarcinoma in July 2016. She was told that she couldn't live past the year 2016, but she did not give up. While pushing on with her treatment, she was and now still actively engaged on stage, spreading positivity through songs and music whilst creating a vibrant and bright environment for the other cancer patients.

In 1998 and 1999, she served as an art director and actress simultaneously for the “World Drama Exhibition”. She graduated from the English Department in National Taiwan Normal University in the year 2000. Five years later, Anjyl was given the Special Jury Award in the final round for Sounds of Human Competition, which was held in Taiwan.

Offers given by several record companies has landed her the opportunity to be part of sound recordings of musical and spiritual albums. Besides, she had done some theme song recordings on famous activities such as “Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2009”, “Sounds of Human Competition” and etc.

The following year, she teamed up with her sister Chiara Lim, in the making of "The Fantasy Journey of Music" musical theatre performance. She was in charge of stage directing, scriptwriting, concept developing and performance skills.

In 2014, she was invited to participate in a local original musical theatre "XUAN ZANG - Journey to the West".

​By the year 2019, Anjyl Lim has been the instructor for Marvellous Malaysia's concerts for four consecutive years. In the same year, she decided to write down her experiences of living with cancer into an audiobook called "Flip it! Dandelion", along with Chiara Lim's original compositions. Also, she leading representatives from 11 different European countries together with Chiara Lim, to perform at the Disney Conference Hall in France. 

​Born with a graceful and sonorous voice, Anjyl is described to be a soul singer with the voice from heaven.

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